Friday, 11 May 2018

Hing content Video Producers

We are hiring content Video Producers for the following languages :
1. Tamil
2. Telugu
3. Punjabi
4. Bengali 
5. Marathi
6. Gujarati
Job Description:
Your job is to make highly engaging & shareable Social Video Content for our Facebook and YouTube Properties in the respective languages. These videos are conceptualized, scripted and executed by you. You have a strong sense of internet content and preferably experience in making them for other internet media content companies.
- Advanced knowledge of Premiere Pro / Final Cut Pro & After Effects.
- Sound Editorial Judgement for video and audio content.
- Experience in making absolutely kickass videos for online consumption.
- Ability to stick to deadlines and working co-ordination with the team to deliver this content.
Location: Gurgaon
Please write to if interested

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