" Citi Update (news agency ) को आवश्यकता है हर जिले से पत्रकार (जिला ब्यूरो) की l विज्ञापन का कोई झंझट नहीं होगा और आमदनी भी ठीक-ठाक होगी l हर जिले से रोजाना 5 खबरें इकट्ठा करना अनिवार्य है, एकमात्र यही शर्त है call 9873559033."

Hiring for the role of News/ Show Producer for CNN News18 at Noida location

Hiring for the role of News/ Show Producer for CNN News18 at Noida location. Brief of the role is as follows: • This member participates from the ideation/planning stage right up to the implementation/ON AIR stage of news events, special projects and programmes. • The job involves coordinating with all the different teams (Video Journalists, guest coordination, assignment, PCR, Video Editors, Graphics, Promos & news desk) to ensure smooth execution of the news event, show or project. • He/she is overall responsible for all the production and packaging elements of the band/shows he/she is assigned. The applicant must have relevant work experience of 2-5 years i.e. should have worked in a News Channel in the role of a producer. Interested applicants can mail across their CV to me at

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