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Sealine Productions is hiring an Art Director for corporate films

Sealine Productions is hiring an Art Director for corporate films
Experience: 1 Year
Qualification: Animation degree/Courses from institute or college.
Degree or demonstrated experience in Visual Communications, Illustration
Job Responsibilities
The art director would responsible for the visual style .The look and feel of the corporate films at Sealine productions. She/he must be proficient as an illustrator and expert in creating mood boards and story boards. Design and create illustrations through software’s and technicalities. Create information visualization for various requirements in the product
Software well known:
Adobe Premiere, Adobe after Effects, Illustrator, Video Scribe
Qualified Skills
• Should be proficient in creating storyboards and mood boards.
• Demonstrable IT design skills with a strong portfolio
• Up to date with industry leading software and technologies ( Illustrator, and Photoshop)
• Highly proficient in all design aspects
• Professionalism regarding time and deadlines
Creativity is allowing yourself to make Mistakes, Design knows which one to if your creativity portrays your design then apply on

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